Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Monday, March 7, 2011

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The Radiance Project, a multi-media art installation, invites people to see war and peace from a new perspective, to shift consciousness, and to create more peace and harmony in the world.

It is my vision, as an artist, photographer, and survivor of radiation and plutonium poisoning, to advance planetary peace. My father worked as an engineer alongside Dr. Robert Oppenheimer on the Manhattan Project (the project that envisioned and created the atom bomb) and was eyewitness to the explosions of 131 atomic and hydrogen bombs. Reconciling bombs, atomic radiation, nuclear fallout, and war has been a life-long focus of mine.

The art installation takes you on a journey from bombs and nuclear destruction to a resolution and a call to what you as an individual can do to create global and personal transformation.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Your Expanded Self, Unified Field & Evolving Consciousness

In the past, healing has been viewed from the Newtonian view of the universe. This is the mechanistic thinking that the body is like a machine. Take a pill, cut something out, or fix a certain part of the body. Healing and psychology are beginning to catch up with quantum physics and the unified field. This is the thinking that we are the sum total of everything in and around us, including our environment. As children we reference our parents and our environment to learn how to navigate in the world. As adults, we have the choice to reference our own inner magnificence to navigate and create the world.

When you choose to reference your own authentic self, higher self, expanded self, soul – whatever word works for you- then you will come from a place of integration and wholeness, rather than from a place of inner conflict. When other people’s reality is used as a reference point, your internal spirit is in conflict with your external reality. Since each person’s inner spirit or expanded self is different, the external world based upon beliefs and thoughts borrowed from other people doesn’t match up. This leads to inner conflict and external war.

Our bodies have taken on the energy field of our environment, our parents, culture, etc. A path to awakening into the new humanity is to consciously use the morphic field of your expanded self as the model, the blueprint for your energetic field. Rather than living in the field imposed by others, the field of your own expanded self can be used. Invite the field of your expanded self to be in front of your energy field. Then invite the field of your expanded self to also be behind you, with you in the middle, like a sandwich. The field will become three-dimensional. See where the similarities are and where the differences are. Are there black areas in your energy field? Perhaps your field is smaller than the field of your expanded self. Are there any holes or gaps? Different colors?

Invite your energy field to take on the patterning of your expanded self. Invite your expanded self to merge with your physical reality. Watch, experience, sense, and feel that happens. Notice where your physical energy field shifts to the energetic pattern of your expanded self. You can consciously start creating a truer you. Invite in a calibration with your organs, hormones, functions, energy centers, and your nervous system. Thoughts and judgments about good and bad, right and wrong, unconscious patterns and/or trauma are stored in your body in the places where the two fields do not match up. You can use your expanded self as a guide and a map for your evolving self. These places that don’t match are the areas that need attention and transformation.

The correct internal balance for one person will be different than the correct balance for another person. The intelligence of your expanded self has the correct blueprint for your body.

As you bring gratitude and forgiveness to the parts that do not align and match your own expanded self, deep transformation occurs within you, society and the world. As you take responsibility for your healing and transformation you start to live in deeper alignment with your expanded self. More of the authentic you will be available so you can navigate through life with greater ease, joy and abundance. Your expanded self has the knowing about the best path for you. Tune in and follow this blueprint into your wholeness and the evolution of your consciousness.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

End of Summer Special

As summer is drawing to a close, a shift in focus is taking place. The world around us is in flux and this is an opportune time to shift your life. This is a time for change, a change that comes from your heart, is inspired by your creativity and births your magnificence. What lies ahead for you?

Are you ready to create a new you that is more in alignment with who you really are? The combination of these three audios will release old ways of being and inspire you to use your creativity to live the life of your dreams. Download the audios directly to your computer.

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Expanded Self - A step-by-step process to:
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You are invited to take this opportunity to explore this new depth of transformation in your life. Uncover your unique gifts to assist you to birth into your magnificence.

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Cheers to the new you,
Dr Cynthia
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Inner Balance, Homeostasis and Sleep

If you experienced deep terror, fear or anxiety as a fetus or an infant, your nervous system recognizes that trauma as the norm, the base line. If you also had heavy metal toxicity during that time, the toxicity needs to leave your body before a deep internal shift can occur.

The function of the endocrine systems is to bring about balance and homeostasis. When the stress, fear and panic are perceived by the nervous system and endocrine system as the balance point, then you will keep creating stress in your body and your life. Even after clearing the patterns and the trauma, the endocrine system will still revert back to a place of stress until it has been reset. The endocrine system needs to release the old pattern of perceived balance and homeostasis, otherwise the balance point will be in stress, fear or panic, rather than a healthy balance point of ease, abundance and joy. You can consciously shift this homeostatic function in your body with intentions, forgiveness and gratitude.

One function of the endocrine system is the production of cortisol by the hypothalamus. Some sleep disturbances are created by an imbalance in cortisol. High cortisol levels at night interfere with good sleep. Low cortisol levels during the day create sluggishness and tiredness. If your cortisol levels are high at night and low during the day, the cortisol receptor sites need to be energetically cleaned with gratitude and reset to a different day/night pattern.

The first step is to clear the endocrine system of heavy metal toxicity, including clearing the energetic signature of the heavy metals and the etheric shadow of the heavy metals. After this is done, forgiveness and gratitude can be used to reset these internal mechanisms.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How beliefs and thoughts create your world!

Beliefs filter reality and color, inform and create your world. Beliefs are like an undetectable formfitting mask or bodysuit that covers your body; filtering everything you see, hear and think. They also filter all the information that comes in your body/mind and all the information that goes out your body/mind. Most beliefs are unconscious or subconscious and have been passed down through eons of time through your genetic lineage, your culture and your religion. They are passed down in your DNA, cellular membranes and your genetic coding. Many of your beliefs have become distorted through the generations, or the multiple layers of beliefs create a distorted view of the world. Beliefs are so close, like layers of very tight fitting masks; they are hard to differentiate from your true self. Your brilliance is covered and distorted by your beliefs.

Beliefs are imperceptible at first, and then when you start to see them, the masks may look like scary, horrific and repulsive and you may not want to deal with them. When you realize they are just masks, like a grand Halloween party, then you can choose if you want to continue to live in this state of distortion or not. Spin gratitude around each of the layers, sometimes they are complete bodysuits, other times just masks covering your head. Thank them for how they have served you. Some of the masks can be very tenacious. Keep sending them gratitude and thanks. These illusions cannot survive in the energy field of gratitude. You will be amazed at how many layers of masks there are so don’t get discouraged.

These beliefs have no regard for you; they are acting out their own script. Just like an actor in a movie, each belief has its own agenda, its own persona. Have you ever dressed up in a costume and noticed that you act differently than you normally do? Now imagine that you have layers upon layers of these costumes, these beliefs, each one acting out its own script. You probably have many unconscious conflicting beliefs that each want control, or at least some of your energy. They are battling it out below the surface in your unconscious, fighting for their life and your energy.

What happened to the real you? It is buried under these layers. Imagine how hard it is to move freely if you are wearing twenty layers of costumes. Likewise twenty layers of beliefs make it hard for your authentic self to express itself in the world. The light of who you are has trouble illuminating through twenty layers of costumes, or twenty layers of beliefs.

Thoughts, on the other hand, are like a cloud above your head and around your body. Thoughts congregate into thought forms that also create your reality. Like a smoke screen, thoughts influence your reality and create your world. Thoughts are generated by mechanisms in your body. Many of these mechanisms churn out thoughts daily. Imagine a little machine churning out the same thoughts day after day. You have experienced the endless myriad of junk thoughts that your body/mind produces. Rather than just quieting your thoughts, why not dismantle the mechanisms that churn out the thoughts? Why not go to the core and make the changes there?

As you bring gratitude to your thought structures, they start to change. Spinning gratitude around the whole structure starts to loosen everything up. Coat the entire structure with a thick layer of etheric peachy-pink salve so the parts can slip out with great ease. Gratitude spinners, like spinning tops with a little screwdriver on the end, unscrew the pieces of the thought structures. As the thought structure comes unscrewed, the different parts become dismantled. Send these dismantled parts along the gratitude bridge into the spinning black hole at the center of the universe. When the though structure is dismantled and removed, clean out the space with spinning gratitude and etheric peach- pink salve. Then fill the space with your true self, your essence, and the core of who you are. Now more of your brilliant, magnificent, creative self will shine in the world.

As you examine your beliefs and thoughts, you can see if they are real, if they are the truth, and which ones, if any, that you want to keep. Beliefs and thought structures are held together with fear; gratitude and love melt the fear glue so the beliefs and thought structures that are no longer serving you can transform and dissolve. The purpose of most of the masks and thought structures is to keep fear in place and to generate more fear. Coming from a place of fear, your reality is very different than the reality created from gratitude and love.

The choice is yours. What type of world do you want to create and live in? Gratitude makes it easy; it strengthens the good and transforms the unnecessary and dissolves the totally unacceptable.

As each mask is released, more of your radiance, more of your truth can shine through and you will start to perceive the world with new eyes, new thoughts and new perceptions. A deeper part of yourself will be available to create your world as you choose. When enough people choose to create and live in a personal reality of gratitude and love, a critical mass of people will form that will shift the consciousness of the planet.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Do you judge yourself? All the judgments of who you are suppose to be, how much money you’re suppose to have, how your suppose to think and act – all those judgments keep you in the rat race, running in the little cage, trying to catch up with the illusion. The only problem is that since it’s all a made up illusion, you never can catch up. You die of exhaustion feeling like a failure.

In the limited cage of what you think you’re suppose to do, that you can never get right, each of the judgments is similar to a bar on the wire cage. These judgments keep you bound. The expectations vary from situation to situation, so no matter how hard you try, you will never get it completely right, because its all made up. The rules change between social strata, demographics, income, profession, and the list goes on and on.

The truth is your Expanded Self doesn’t conform to the rat race. It is an entirely different world and universe to live in. Your Expanded Self knows what is right and wrong from an expansive viewpoint, rather than from a limited idea. As those judgments get released, you can relax into your true Expanded Self and enjoy this glorious life.

The audio meditation ‘Expanded Self ~Part 1’ takes you through a step-by-step process to explore your masterful creations, reclaim your power and experience your vast abundance.

I invite you to take this opportunity to explore this new depth of transformation in your life.